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Commercial Records Center in El Paso, Texas, offers data and document management services for small to medium sized businesses looking to manage, protect and store their important information. Whether your business is paperless or file intense, we provide ways to save money while staying in compliance.



When you are considering storage and backup of electronic data, CRCs' cloud backup and data storage products provide flexibility to store both archival and mission critical data in an compliant manner...



Whether you're a financial planner, lawyer, or a medical service provider, your client information is extremely important to maintaining the integrity of your business. Losing client data...



Commercial Records Center in El Paso, TX are document storage experts. Keeping your paper records, files and data safe in a secured facility is our first priority. Our computerized access system allows you...



We provide a broad range of scanning services and document digitization. From legal documents to medical records, no job is too big or small. Once your documents are electronic form, we can store the records...



Our mobile document shredding services provide the convenience of onsite or offsite document destruction. Confidential locking bins can be supplied to your facility to collect proprietary information for pickup...



Data vaulting (back-up tapes, CD ROM, microfilm and disk drives) and scheduled rotations are managed in an environmentally controlled facility that minimizes the risk of business interruption and data loss...

Data Storage and Records Management in El Paso, TX

Data storage plays an extremely important role for all companies, whether they are small local businesses or mid-sized international firms. Preservation of mission-critical data and staying in compliance with government regulations is widely considered the most important task for any internal IT or records management department. To ensure compliance and security, many small to mid-sized businesses rely on an outside data storage solutions provider. Using a data storage and back up provider like Commercial Records Center in El Paso, Texas allows your business to partner with local experts to deliver the latest technology and avoid the huge upfront investment required to build secure offsite data storage infrastructure. This means getting a best in class system at a fraction of the capital cost and operating cost compared to developing and maintaining an internal system.

Our Technology

Data back up technology has made giant strides over the previous 10-15 years, advancing from floppy disks and CDs, to USB and other portable disk drives, to cloud back and data storage. Commercial Records Center has stayed at the forefront of this technology, providing solutions to meet strict compliance requirements for storage, retrieval, rotation and destruction of all forms of magnetic media, paper documents and electronic data. Many companies have had trouble locating a knowledgeable and experienced data storage firm. Our firm continues to be financially stable and has adapted to an ever-changing business environment in El Paso. Our specialists have an understanding of what's needed to implement the highest degree of protection and scalability growing companies need. Because of the restore technology and instant data backup provided by CRC, a number of office operations will instantly be synchronized for offsite storing as a way to secure all of your important data. Its search engine is effectively indexed onto the server software thereby allowing you to rapidly locate a specific file within the shortest time relative to any data storage competition. The following are key features of Commercial Records Center: compressed and encrypted file source/rest storage, open file support and locked file support, CPU throttling and bandwidth throttling, and customizable policies for sets backup. Commercial Records Center understands the specific needs of legal, financial, technology and medical firms and therefore adheres to the most effective business practices, as well as government requirements for all handling and storage of compliant information. In addition, it can fulfill all levels of compliance.

Our Data Center

Data storage is vital for your business in this modern world of ongoing security issues. With threats on the web and the ease of viral propagation, it's essential that your company operates having a dependable third-party backup scheme. Substantial manpower, time and cost are involved in order to recover any essential data that could be lost as a result of a number of possible glitches. A number of these are: your hard disk crashes, your base station or laptop is stolen, your computer gets infected with a virus, your data file gets accidentally deleted, an earthquake occurs, a fire breaks out, or you misplace your discs. Your company could easily recover from these disasters if a redundant system is in place that can be accessed for business continuity and data recovery. Our data centers are built on the premise of redundancy, security and superior availability. Commercial Records Center in El Paso offers a high degree of assurance due to its hardware, enterprise level software programs, and a state-of-the-art secure data center. Call us today to learn more about our data center services such as colocation, cloud computing, electronic data storage and computer backup.  

To secure your company's future, it must have control over the security of customer information and proprietary business records. Backup, restore and cloud computing facilities are essential to business continuity and disaster recovery.  Commercial Records Center delivers the assurance you need and is total records management solutions provider.

Our business is keeping our clients in business. Whether this is through data protection, data recovery or one of our many compliance solutions, security is the most important aspect of our service.

Skip Litt, Commercial Records Center President