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Commercial Records Center

Document Storage and Destruction Services in El Paso, TX

Commercial Records Center (CRC) is El Paso's premier document storage and document destruction service provider. Since 1991 CRC has been a locally owned and operated company who has developed a reputation for superior customer service and best in class security for all stored information. We can handle your information from cradle to grave by offering document storage, retrieval and destruction all in our state of the art 24 hour accessible facility. Secure storage is coupled fast retrieval using a computerized bar code tracking system to quickly locate and retrieve documents.

Online Back-up El Paso, TX

When owning a company in El Paso, it is crucial that every component of day-to-day operations be safe and secure. Losing just one part can lead to a major disaster for the whole company. If there were a major issue, it could send the company, no matter how successful, into bankruptcy or entirely out of business. Each firm is an aggregate of the data it receives, transmits, and compiles each day. Protecting your organization using the most effective option possible leads you to Commercial Records Center El Paso online backup services. The highest levels of security are employed by our online backup. We use the similar superior encryption methods that banks and other web currency dispatchers use. Your information is quickly encrypted before it leaves your hard drive with 128-bit Blowfish encryption. The secured files remain in the encrypted form while stored in our data centers.

Data Protection in El Paso

Most data protection options are compatible with DSL, ADSL, and cable modems. It is automatically setup, leaving the user with nothing to complete but decide which files to send. Each and every individual who has access to the offsite system can recover the entire issue from one terminal. For an extra quantity of protection, the method has a self-check program in place that makes certain the files sent have been saved. Each year, businesses lose millions of dollars because of pc failure and information loss. Help safeguard your corporation from being part of that staggering statistic with Commercial Records Center El Paso. Small business has to have continuity as well as a strong back up plan for virtually any future crisis of this sort. We will help you be prepared for the unforeseen glitches that may lead to massive quantities of loss. These can result in financial loss, failure to reach deadlines, lack of client confidence, and possibly even fines or legal action.

Disaster Recovery For El Paso Businesses

Our backup servers are excellent. They are totally automated, so forgetting to backup the work station is not a problem. As soon as the initial set up has been completed, there is no more to do than proceed with everyday schedules. Many of these services provide auto check of the files saved on it to ensure that they truly had been saved. This is essential especially in the beginning of its use. This helps in the event of theft, fire, natural disaster, and even viruses. Not using online backup services is simply asking for trouble. With the billions of MBs being slung across the online world every day, there are bound to be accidents.

Those who do not have a security strategy in place are at a major disadvantage compared with firms that do. Let Commercial Records Center El Paso be your online backup service.