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Commercial Records Center Services

Commercial Records Center in El Paso, Texas offers data and document management services for small to medium sized businesses looking to manage, protect and store their important information. Whether your business is paperless or file intense, we provide ways to save money while staying in compliance.

Electronic Data Storage

When you are thinking about the ideal El Paso electronic data storage for your company, you should take a look at Commercial Records Center. Among the main advantage of this kind of product is that it will allow you to retrieve your current documents and data in case you unexpectedly deleted it. Every business should secure its data property. Sustaining an onsite backup is not enough to protect against mishaps like fires or floods. Commercial Records Center offers tape storage in order to rest easier in the evening. Tape storage is responsible for saving and transforming a number of electronic information files to a magnetic tape. It offers considerable economy with regards to space and cost. It's particularly useful for prime storage density.

Data Recovery

Your company is important to you. Whether you're a real estate business, a lawyer, or own a medical company, your customers and information is extremely important. Your computer systems need to be regularly monitored and cleaned in order to prevent data loss. However, when you have found data loss has happened, you should use a data recovery El Paso to help recover important data.

Document Storage

Sterling's document storage El Paso are the experts keeping your records, files, and data safe and guarded against any destruction. The developers also guaranteed it would adhere to the regulations that are being implemented with regards to the subject.Within our state-of-the-art storage facility, you can be positive that every document you entrust to us for safekeeping will remain that way.

Document Scanning

Commercial Records Center provides a huge range of El Paso document scanning services, whatever your business might need. From legal documents to medical records, Sterling comes with a full line of document management services. Whether a small property office or a large healthcare clinic, you can find benefits to scanning documents and storing them on CD or a specified computer.

Document Shredding

Commercial Records Center is definitely the respected brand for document shredding El Paso. The time you opt to engage our services, our business has begun to deliver the unique service with your valuable data and sensitive information. Sterling was created to secure your company as well as your customers. Identity theft and medical identity theft crimes are rapidly increasing. Allowing sensitive documents and information fall into the wrong hands is where these crimes start. As a company that utilizes and accesses personal information concerning your customers

Tape Storage

El Paso tape storage and rotation by Commercial Records Center is a risk-free and affordable method to handle your data stored on tape. Every business needs to ensure its information assets. Having a mere onsite backup may not ensure the safety of your documents from some problems. Commercial Records Center understands such concern and they've produced such system to make you feel a bit more positive.