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Mobile Shredding Truck Working in El Paso, TXCommercial Records Center is considered the reliable name when it comes to document shredding solutions in El Paso, TX. You've known our competence and knowledge with your virtual information, you can now carry that trust over to sensitive information on paper as well. Equally as storing data is necessary to your company, protecting and disposing of sensitive information properly is equally important. You will get a lot of benefits once you let us help you in disposing such documents by shredding. Our shredding services supply a variety of options to meet your shredding needs. Whether it is a onetime service or a continuing one, we will always be here to securely shred the files that you would like us to. We will do our very best to accommodate your budget too.   Sterling is getting ready to come alongside your business to assist preserve your business and your customers. We are conscious theft cases are significantly growing. These kinds of offense begins when the significant information landed to a wrong person. With us, you can rest assured that the confidential information that were provided by your customers will be in good hands. We are conscious that your company’s reputation can be at stake, that's why we are here. We make sure that we are complying solely with the HIPAA and FACTA when we shred your sensitive files.

Mobile Shredding Services in El Paso, TX

Examples of File Shred Bins from Commercial Records CenterThe mobile file shredding services we provide in the greater El Paso area come with a few options. One is on-site destruction where we bring our shredding truck to your facility and then we haul away the destroyed files to our facility for recycling or purging. This allows you to view the shredding process at your facility and adds another level of comfort for some of our clients. The second option is to have the files and documents picked up your location and securely transported back to our facility for shredding, destruction and recycling. This may also be done as a regular or purge service using tamper-proof file bins inside your facilities so your employees can simply place sensitive documents in them. CRC plans recurring pick-ups to empty these boxes on a schedule that meets the usage of the file bins.   One thing to consider in your decision is the sensitivity of the files or documents and any compliance requirements that need to be met prior to destruction. Whether it is one file or many documents, security is essential to us. We make use of security cameras to monitor the chain of custody at all times prior to the files being shredded and discarded.

El Paso Document Shredding Options

Having a selection of document shredding options El Paso TX, our shredding services are budget-friendly. We are conscious that funds are always being taken into consideration in selecting the shredding service. Again, we need to help so we need it to be easier and affordable for you. We are conscious you need your consumers to enjoy the constitutionally-guaranteed privacy while not spending too much. With us, that is definitely achievable.   In 1998, identity theft was classified as a criminal offense and is substantially raising since then. Since there are increasingly more violations concerning confidentiality, more laws are getting legislated. Shredding services could do its part for you without considerably hitting your funds. You can also find many different shredding options and shredding service providers to choose from in today’s market. Sterling Date Storage is particularly eager to help you. We would love to tell you more info on the support, conformity, and also the process itself. We are able to always be approached to give the knowledge and information that you have to develop an intelligent choice.  

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